Jeff Sweetman

By Erik Cagle Breaking even is considered an accomplishment given today's economic environment, so it's difficult to believe that a number of companies managed to use some black ink in their ledgers during their last reporting date. The following is a look at how a number of companies managed to find new revenue streams while maintaining existing ones. (Sales figures are in millions.) Arandell Corp. Menomonee Falls, WI Most Recent FY Sales: $231.9M Previous FY Sales: $213.40M Number of Employees: 675 Number of Plants: 1 Arandell Corp. bowed in 1949 under the leadership of F.E. Treis. In 1981 the company began to expand its

BY ERIK CAGLE In 1996 it was becoming increasingly clear to Anthony and Robert Lienau, co-founders of Trend Offset Printing, that the Southern California market which gave birth to their thriving business—from a $15 million printer less than 10 years previously to nearly $80 million—was just about tapped of growth potential. Before long, the Los Alamitos, CA-based printer was embarking on a national expansion plan, first in Carrollton, TX (a Dallas suburb), followed by Jacksonville, FL. It proved a prophetic move by Anthony Lienau, company chairman. "We were profitable within our first three months in Texas," notes Todd Nelson, president and COO of Trend

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