Jay Mandarino

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Aiming to become Canada's largest commercial printing conglomerate in five years, Jay Mandarino oversees the daily operations of 24 companies (and currently still growing!). His founding company, C.J. Graphics, was the first company ever to be honored with six 2015 PIA Benny awards for six individual pieces. Most recently, Mandarino acquired the first Scodix Ultra Pro system with in-line foil station in North America and the first Highcon Euclid II+ diecutter in Canada. After experiencing an admittedly troubled childhood, he also gives back to those less fortunate through several non-profit causes. For example, the C.J. Skateboard Park and School, the fourth largest not-for-profit indoor skate park in the world, was founded by Mandarino and supports children of all ages and abilities, including at-risk youth and those with special needs.

Advocating for the use of a computerized management information system can have the feel of preaching to the converted. The true believers have already invested the money and resources to implement a system, gotten staff buy-in, and they routinely act on the data collected. There are less ardent converts, though, who have only implemented select components of an integrated MIS or are so focused on day-to-day operations that they can’t capitalize on the business information being gathered. There are also those shops not actively using an MIS solution for various reasons, a key one being the investment involved. Today’s business demands are causing

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