If bottlenecks are impeding your in-plant's productivity, automation may be the solution. This webinar will explain how automation can streamline the work flowing through your shop, reducing the number of times staff has to touch it, and improving your throughput and profitability. 

Automation will reduce setup times, eliminate bottlenecks, and free up staff for other important tasks. By becoming a more dependable resource for your organization, automation will improve your value and ensure your success.

Participants will learn:
- How automation can remove bottlenecks that are impacting productivity
- How in-plants are using automation and the results they are seeing
- The next steps you can take to automate your operation

Sponsored by Canon

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Couldn't make it on September 11th?  No problem! Printing Impressions and In-Plant Graphics webinars are archived for 90 days after the live event. Click above to register and get access to this webinar, both live and on- demand.

Think Friday the 13th is scary? Print Buyers Online.com recently polled major print media buyers to ask what keeps them up at night. Not surprising, respondents unanimously said they would rather face off with Jason any day than confront these print nightmares. . .

• a print job where the quoted price is $18,836, but the final invoice is $52,038

• a color-blind pressman

• when the art director, Fabio the Fanatic, insists on attending the press check

• anytime a printer says “It’s on the truck.”

• a press check at 3 o’clock in the morning. . .in a remote small town in Iowa.

BITS AND PIECES BRUCE DERON only wanted to recover some long-lost war medals he’d earned as an Air Force pilot during Vietnam. Thanks to Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Deron will be getting more recognition than he had expected. Deron, president of Waymart, PA-based SG Printing, had contacted McCain’s office inquiring about a way to replace his medals, which had been misplaced years ago during a move. McCain took a long look at Deron’s military record, verified the original citations and found there were other events where he should have been medaled for his actions, according to Deron’s son, Jason—the vice president of sales at

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