Irvin J. Borowsky

PHILADELPHIA—Irvin J. Borowsky, founder of Printing Impressions and parent company North American Publishing, has been named the 2009 Neographics “Person of the Year” by the Graphic Arts Association. He will receive the award at the Neographics dinner and awards ceremony here on May 7.

HIS ROMANCE with the printing process started at age 12, when he became one of the thousands of American youngsters in the 1930s who bought a Kelsey hand press through the mail. It continued right on through printing school, which led to running a successful printing business, plus the establishment of a printing machinery firm. His love for printing and publishing further gave rise to a weekly TV magazine for Philadelphia that he launched to help keep the presses busy. Such is the backstory to Irvin J. Borowsky founding North American Publishing Co. (NAPCO) in early 1958 and launching Printing Impressions as a

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