New Additions Increase Efficiency APPLETON, WI—JP Graphics is counting on Kodak’s Prinergy workflow and a new Kodak Lotem 800 II Quantum platesetter with a five cassette automated plate loader to keep up with growth and customer demands. The midsize printer has acquired three different printing firms since 1998, including its latest acquisition 18 months ago that doubled its workforce overnight from 25 to 50 employees. CHICAGO—Hi-Liter/Inland and MAN Roland executives meet at Graph Expo to raise their glasses to the printer’s new 4x4 32-page web press destined for its Burlington, WI, facility. Brian SanFillipo has filled the new position of director of digital operations at

It's beginning to look a lot like crisis—for a major portion of our commercial printing industry. The printing trade associations are struggling, merging to survive. Printcafe had an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in mid-2002 at $10 per share that, at this writing, now hovers at slightly more than $1 a share. That group, formed during the dotcom frenzy, is a kind of conglomerate or trade association of four or five printing MIS (Management Information System) suppliers. Those suppliers provide the computer data model for several thousand printing companies. A few weeks back I visited with a major Rocky Mountain area printer. "Rog, in all

BY ERIK CAGLE Ray Scholler owes a great deal of debt and gratitude to his father, Henry (H.C.) Scholler, founder of Random Times Publishing, forerunner to Times Printing. In terms of passing down wisdom, the founder of the 84-year-old printing concern couldn't offer business acumen to his son. "He taught me not to do business the way he did it," says Ray Scholler. "He was not a very good business man. He traded everything out—even the groceries were traded for advertising in the weekly newspaper—and had very little cash. As I got into the business, I knew that wasn't going to work. He'd

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