Harry Popiel

Minnesota legislators hope to close a loophole they say is hurting the state’s printing companies. Ten days ago, Brown Printing announced plans to trim 8 percent from its workforce at all three of its U.S. plants. In Waseca, where approximately 1,000 people are employed, layoffs are expected to be in the range of 80 to 100 employees over the next few weeks, according to Harry Popiel, Vice President Human Resources.

EAST GREENVILLE — About 50 employees of Brown Printing Company's East Greenville magazine and catalog printing plant were told Monday that their jobs will be eliminated, according to a company representative. Harry Popiel, vice president of human resources for the Waseca, Minn.-based company, said Monday afternoon that the exact number of staffing reductions at the 668 Gravel Pike plant had not been determined, but that it would likely be about 8 percent of the roughly 660-person, nonunion work force.

WASECA, MN—Brown Printing has approved a three-year project that will see a 150,000-square-foot expansion added to its headquarters here, increasing plant capacity by about 15 percent. The project, which carries a $55 million price tag, is slated to begin next month. The project will include the replacement of two older presses with two modern, high-capacity web offset presses. Harry Popiel, Brown Printing's vice president of human resources, said that the company had yet to sign a purchase agreement but had narrowed the field to two manufacturers. Perfect binders will also be added to match the increase in printing capacity. Other planned acquisitions include an automated storage

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