In a recent global survey carried out by The Print Coach, 78% of printers said sales was their number 1 issue. These same printers said that profit margins were their second biggest worry. This webinar will reveal a practical approach to structure your sales so you get more sales and keep your prices up.  

Here's what you'll get...

* Print Shift: The 5 major shifts happening in the print industry in 2011. You need to know and plan for all 5... so you don't get blindsided in the months to come.  

* The Complete Selling Framework: There are 4 processes you have to include in your sales plan if you want more customers at better margins. Miss one and it's like missing a wheel on your car... it just stops working well.  

* The Sales Foundation: Everything you do is your sales and marketing is built on this foundation. There are 2 massive blocks you have to put in first before you can build your selling framework. Without either one... your sales team is destined to haggle and discount like stall holders pitching for business.  

* Conversion Context: A simple and practical action you can use immediately to convert more of your estimates to actual orders.  

* Chessboard Selling: If you are looking for new sales... this strategy will help. It doesn't work all the time... but will work more that 50% of the times you use it.

* Attract Ideal Clients: This one insight can increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts by as much as 16 times.  Sounds completely unbelievable... until you see the numbers.  

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