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By Erik Cagle Senior Editor Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) is to return on investment (ROI) what exercise is to weight loss. In the latter scenario, the early stages of a new workout program can be quite transforming. It only takes a couple of days at the gym to notice a difference in the way you feel—the air seems fresher, the body feels invigorated and experiences more energy in the beginning and the end of the day. Even after just one week of intense weight lifting and cardiovascular training, one's body can feel like a million bucks. But after one week, don't step on a scale.

By Erik Cagle We're looking for ways to cut costs out of our business," states Jack Gustafson, COO for Niles, IL-based JohnsByrne Co., "because we can't afford to take any more profit out of our business." It is the 21st century rally cry of the commercial printer. With most hardware options throughout the printing workflow already exhausting comprehensive automation avenues, offering the most competitive prices to print buyers has become the business-to-business equivalent of shaving time off the best 100-meter dash standard. But JohnsByrne—a $20 million per year printer that produces brochures, annual reports, direct mail pieces, catalogs, POP materials and specialty printing—had

NILES, IL—The JohnsByrne Co. reportedly has become the first printer to successfully implement computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), thanks to the implementation work done by Creo, Printcafe and Komori America. "Our vision has always been to be a turnkey business, handling every aspect of the printing process, taking a job from prepress through to fulfillment," says Corey Gustafson, president of JohnsByrne, which reports annual sales in excess of $20 million. JohnsByrne's fully integrated system now ties estimating, scheduling, the creative desktop, digital halftone proofing, computer-to-plate imaging, prepress production data, press and finishing processes to its Printcafe management information system in a single, streamlined workflow. "When we

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