Bruce Wexler

NEW YORK—Integrated Graphics (IGI) and Earth Color Group have agreed to merge the two companies, creating what officials say will be the leading provider of prepress and printing services in the New York metropolitan area. The combined company, to be named IGI/Earth Color Inc., will offer digital prepress; full-color sheetfed, half- and full-web printing; finishing; and digital archiving from facilities in Manhattan, Long Island, northern New Jersey and Pompano, FL. IGI/Earth Color's operations will also include a prepress facility in Phoenix and a sheetfed printing business in Houston. The firm will be headquartered in New York and have combined revenues of more than

Two printers share their thoughts on how computer-to-plate technology has changed, and simplified, the production of plates. BY ERIK CAGLE To hear the newest members of the thermal computer-to-plate club tell it, the filmless process outranks even the television remote control in terms of convenience. While few 20-somethings can remember TV life without the armchair quarterback, many of today's commercial printers can scarcely believe how they made do without the convenience of digital platesetters. The difference between digital and conventional workflows, it seems, represents a chasm as expansive (not to mention palatable) as pâté and liverwurst. Bruce Wexler is a believer. The executive vice

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