Brian Kozlowski

Every direct marketer knows that if you present prospects with too many choices, you risk inertia in the decision-making process. There’s some truth to this adage for direct marketers themselves these days, as they face a dizzying array of media channels with the desire--maybe even a mandate--to serve their companies’ triple bottom line (people, planet, profits).

The good news is the tools, processes and success stories exist for direct marketers to leverage to help them determine not only which media best fit the job at hand but also how to improve the carbon footprint of all channels for a true win-win-win.

On November 17, a knowledgeable and experienced panel on sustainability will break down:

  • environmental impacts of both paper and digital channels
  • tools and processes by which to gauge the carbon footprint of a product or process
  • building the triple bottom line into the media selection process
  • real-world examples of sustainability-driven media planning

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