An oft-repeated story from circa 1971 tells of a young pressman—one of the first employees of a struggling, fledgling commercial printing company named Quad/Graphics—who went to the bank to secure a mortgage for a home he wanted to purchase. The trip proved fruitless, as the press operator was denied a mortgage by the bank. When Harry V. Quadracci, owner and founder of the Pewaukee, WI-based printing company, heard about his employee's plight, he called the bank himself. Quadracci asked the bank to provide his new recruit with the mortgage loan. Quadracci backed the loan, but was far from being in the black himself.

CHENEQUA, WI--Harry V. Quadracci, 66, who grew Pewaukee, WI-based Quad/Graphics from a startup company, funded by taking out a second mortgage on his home, into the largest privately-held commercial printer in the United States, died July 29. Mr. Quadracci's body was found at approximately 3 p.m. that day in about four and a half feet of water in Pine Lake near his home here, according to Chenequa Police. His family had contacted Chenequa police around 12:30 p.m. to report Mr. Quadracci missing. The cause of death is under investigation, according to Robert Douglas, chief of police. The Waukesha County Medical Examiners office will conduct an autopsy. Mr.

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