Barb Pellow

Toni McQuilken is the senior editor for the printing and packaging group.

COVID-19 has reshaped how brands communicate with consumers in profound ways, and inkjet is, in many ways, perfectly positioned to be the technology that helps them reconnect in very personal, meaningful ways, especially when it comes to direct mail.

Closing out the opening-day sessions of the Virtual Inkjet Summit 2020 was a panel of printers, all sharing why they choose to adopt inkjet, how they went about integrating it into their business models, and what they learned along the way.

The printer's role in the world of data is growing more fundamental than just doing a bit of cleansing. Marketing lists, the segmentation, interpretation, profiling and analysis of data - these are things that printers are going to need to understand.  

The costs are high and the pitfalls can be deep, but ignoring the data aspect of direct mail campaigns is increasingly looking like it is not an option.  Printers are starting to seize the opportunity.

Register for this free webinar to learn:
* What the data aspects of a direct marketing campaign actually are
* The internal skills necessary for data analysis
* Options if you don't have in-house assets, including partnering with another company
* How to increase your ability to respond to data in a quick and timely manner  
* How your peers in the printing industry are succeeding by using data

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To refocus your business on expansion into the more profitable world of marketing services, you don't need elaborate charts or high-priced consultants, but you do need a plan. A marketing plan provides a roadmap that can drive action. A marketing plan can help you: Identify which customers are your best prospects, evaluate company data against your industry or market, and track results to help you learn what works.

Without a plan, you may be moving fast, but you may not be moving in the right direction. This webinar will focus on the critical aspects and practical examples associated with building a marketing plan including target market selection, market positioning, the right products and services, pricing, distribution channel alternatives and promoting your business.  You will learn the essential steps to powering up for profit with an effective marketing plan.

This webinar will discuss the latest market trends in the digital printing industry and highlight critical success factors for growing print volume and revenue with digital print.

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While many segments of the printing industry have been declining in recent years, digital printing continues to grow. The days of long offset print runs across several shifts are over. There is a great need for shorter run lengths, customization, and faster turnaround times. Whether you are a large company or a small local printer, digital printing is here to stay.

This webinar (part of a special four-part series on "PoweringUp Profit") will discuss the latest market trends in the digital printing industry and highlight critical success factors for growing print volume and revenue with digital print.

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Today's consumers are bombarded with thousands of promotional and informational messages on a daily basis, from television or radio ads and out-of-home advertising to direct mail to e-mails and Web ads. Marketers and line of business managers face the challenge of getting their messages out in a way that breaks through this clutter and encourages desired behaviors in recipients. These behaviors can range from education to brand recognition to changing investment strategies or purchasing the company's latest product or service.

With increasing economic pressures, it is time for enterprises to use a tried and true communications medium "transactional documents" in new and different ways to ensure that their messages are noticed. This means of communications is called transpromotional -- or TransPromo -- communications, and it is creating a significant buzz.

This webinar is designed to share new and innovative ways that transpromo is being leveraged in the market.  Barb Pellow, Group Director from InfoTrends will share transpromo strategies that have worked to drive business results.

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