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BY ERIK CAGLE Could it be that the honeymoon is really over for commercial printers? Not that there was a matrimonial union of printers and the almighty dollar recently, but one could call it a hot date. The industry enjoyed 4.6 percent sales growth overall in 1997, riding the heels of a national economy that enjoyed low cost inflation. 1999 Regional Outlook for Print SalesThe chart estimates total print sales for 1998,and print-sales growth for both 1998 and 1999.Total is in millions and projected growth has notbeen adjusted for inflation. Sales growth shownis over the previous year.Region1998Sales1998Growth1999GrowthUSA$82,539.36.5%3.5%-4.5%Pacific$10,327.06.8%3.8%-4.8%Mountain$3,083.38.9%5.8%-6.8%Plains$8,991.37.9%4.9%-5.9%South Central$15,610.35.9%2.9%-3.9%North Central$9,407.37.9%4.8%-5.9%Southeastern$12,195.97.7%4.7%-5.7%South Mid-Atlantic$4,553.95.8%2.8%-3.8%North Mid-Atlantic$13,422.94.3%1.4%-2.3%New England$4,947.34.8%1.8%-2.8%Chart courtesy of

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