Luigi called me the other day, and it was good to hear from him since we haven't spoken in quite some time. He calls himself Luigi as do almost all of his friends. But he is not a guy that just arrived from Naples. He was born in Philadelphia, in the good old U.S.A., and his real name is Louis. He is of Italian descent and relishes in it to the extent that, well, he's Luigi. It's just that persona which gives him a unique character that makes him likable, very popular and the good salesperson who worked with me for years. After all,

Empowering Digital Photographers MONACO—Digital camera back manufacturer Sinar Bron recently held an international press briefing here. The Mediterranean locale was chosen because it is home to binu-scan, the image processing software developer that has developed a new color-conversion utility for use with Sinar systems. Sinar CeMagYK (pronounced "see magic") software was developed in response to the greater opportunities digital photographers have to manipulate images and exercise influence over the printed results, according to company management. The conversion software works as a plug-in to Sinar's CaptureShop image processing software and is billed as a professional prepress tool for preparing ready-to-print digital images. The core of

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