“MAIL MOVES America and Printing Powers Prosperity.” This statement epitomizes NPES’ commitment to leadership in the mailing and fulfillment industry, where related companies and associations have formed a coalition to maintain the vitality of printed communication as a key structural component of the American economy. Initially, Mail Moves America was formed to counter so-called “Do-Not-Mail” legislation in various states, which attempts to curtail, if not eliminate, mail delivery of direct commercial communication. This remains the principal focus of the coalition in 2008, which has successfully opposed Do-Not-Mail efforts in a number of states so far this year. • The importance of Printed Communication and

CHICAGO—October 11, 2006 - InnerWorkings, Inc. (NASDAQ: INWK), a leading provider of print procurement solutions to corporate clients in the United States, announced today that it has acquired privately-held Applied Graphics, Inc., a leading West Coast provider of print management and print-on-demand services. Through sales offices in California and Hawaii, Applied Graphics’ broad service offering includes print-on-demand, commercial printing and marketing solutions. In 2005, Applied Graphics had over 35 sales representatives and generated revenues of approximately $29 million. During this period, Applied Graphics served over 1,000 corporate clients, utilizing a network of over 400 supplier partners. “We believe this acquisition will allow

I just pulled the plug on the PREM Web Press Database after 14 years. Kinda sad. But it was time for sundown. Every month since October of 1991, web printing companies had sent me data collected by AutoCount devices on their presses: gross, net, makeready and running waste impressions; number of forms and running stops; hours spent in running, making ready and recovery from unscheduled stops. In total, as the sun went down, the Database had more than 11,000 press-data months contributed by 68 companies from 205 web presses comprised of 53 press models. The companies were primarily from the continental U.S., but also

Jim Meissner, founder and CEO of Color Ink in Sussex, WI, has reduced his duties to pursue his passion for fine art/oil painting. An exhibit of his work begins this month at Landmarks Gallery, located here. His work includes dramatic views of vistas in the Southwest, landscapes of Wisconsin, and paintings of places he has visited in Italy and Hawaii. Lisa Arsenault has been appointed president of The McArdle Printing Co., Upper Marlboro, MD, a subsidiary company of BNA Inc. Arsenault steps into the job from her previous role as vice president of sales. Under her leadership, McArdle's sales grew more than 25 percent in

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