Gwinnett County

ATLANTA—A printing error is forcing Gwinnett County election officials to hand copy votes from at least 10,000 absentee election ballots onto new ballots, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The reason: the original ballots, made to be filled out by hand, can't be read by optical scanning machines, as the circle next to the candidate's name is too thick and slightly misshapen.

ATLANTA—With an eye toward shifting technology, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) is investing $30 million to enhance its printing facility while also trimming 80 newsroom jobs and shedding some circulation territory. The investment will go towards adding color towers on four of its TKS printing presses at the company’s Gwinnett County, GA, facility. The AJC plans to close its downtown Atlanta printing plant in two years. The moves are expected to help the paper offer more color pages and simplify the production process. Another $12 million is being invested in a computer system that will bolster the classified advertising department. The AJC has also decided to be stricter

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