Burlington, VT

It is an exciting time at FreePressMedia. We are rebuilding our press. The big makeover of our 45-year old Goss Metro press began this week and will continue through the end of April. Ours is among the oldest presses in the entire Gannett Co. Yet, the $2.4 million we are investing in our downtown (Burlington, VT) production facility will make the press run like it is the newest in the company.

So far, the crew has removed and recycled four cylinders from one unit of the press. Each cylinder weighs two tons. There are 26 cylinders on this Goss press.

LUNENBURG, VT—Citing an inability to compete with cheaper foreign production costs, The Stinehour Press closed its doors April 7, leaving 21 people without work. Stinehour CEO Warren Bingham said the book printing company could not afford the $3 million investment in digital printing technology required to remain competitive. “We’re a quality standard that others are judged by,” Bingham told the Burlington (VT) Free Press. “It’s ironic that we would be in a position where we are seen by many as the best in the world, but we’re not able to succeed in the economy,” he added. The Stinehour Press is working with the Vermont

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