Printing Impressions' Upfront Commercial Printing News for February 2009

WASHINGTON, DC—The U.S. Army said that 7,000 family members of soldiers killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were mistakenly sent letters addressing them as "John Doe." The Army said the improperly addressed letters were a result of a printing error. The letters were sent in late December to inform survivors about private organizations that offer gifts, programs and other assistance to families that have lost soldiers. Army Chief of Staff General George Casey Jr. was sending a personal letter of apology to all of the families who received the letter.

WE MOAN and groan about how our stock portfolios and 401(k)s have taken a beating due to the near-collapse of the U.S. financial system. About cutting back on holiday gift giving expenditures due to job insecurity. About customers tightening their belts, and their marketing budgets. But, in the true holiday spirit, why not consider, instead, our many blessings in comparison to those around the world less fortunate and who face even bigger obstacles in making a living?

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