Printing Impressions February 2010 edition


ACROSS the nation

Printing Impressions’ National Commercial Printing Industry News for January 2010.

Automating the Process

Transcontinental has made a concerted effort to automate operations for several years now, originally with the use of scripts and hot folders to automate specific tasks.

BINDERY matters

Binding and finishing company news for Febuary 2010, including items on Binding Industries of America and FetterGroup.

Cenveo Shuts Down Trio of Plants

is closing printing plants in Baltimore, Charlottesville, VA, and Omaha, NE, resulting in the loss of nearly 300 employees in total.

Crossing the Finish Line

One's ability to skillfully maneuver digitally printed product through the binding and finishing process just may enable you to avoid a nasty kick in the pants as the completed job heads out the door.

Driven to Succeed Online went from being a business model on paper to an online print provider with more than 450 employees and nearly 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space spread across three strategically located production facilities.

Durability Of Books...Late Fees —Cagle

It seems that no matter how long a book is checked out from the public library, it will eventually return. But, we may have found the record for the most overdue tome in the history of libraries.

E-Readers’ Effect on Print

There is now a multitude of e-readers for book, magazine and newspaper digital content, ranging in price from $199 to $800 and above.

Focused on Sustainability

In addition to waterless printing, MOSAIC also offers traditional offset, UV and digital printing to the four vertical markets it serves: creative agencies/designers, corporations, as well as the membership market and government.

GREEN scene

Green printing and environmental efforts in the commercial printing industry, including items on Intech Printing and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Magazine Ads Down 18 Percent In ’09, PIB Says

Total magazine rate-card-reported advertising revenue for 2009 closed at $19.45 billion, with 169,217.76 advertising pages generated, a drop of 25.6 percent compared to 2008.

Mastering Each Process

West Press is a one-stop shop offering graphic design, database/list management, printed marketing collateral, training manuals with instructional CDs or DVDs, full-color envelopes, as well as finishing, mailing and fulfillment services.


Commercial printer company and personnel news from Printing Impressions' February 2010 edition.

Printer Pleads Guilty to Tax Conspiracy

Ronald Boyarsky, president and part-owner of Precision Technology, assisted in paying approximately $2.6 million in commissions earned by a printing services broker to third parties.

Printing Scams Make Their Rounds on Web —Michelson

Tankers Limited e-mailed a quote back to the printer with various shipping options, noting that its policy was to receive payment from the location of pickup only.

Quad Announces Deal for Worldcolor

The combined company boasts aggregate sales of $5.1 billion for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2009. Together, the firm will have nearly 30,000 employees, though that figure is expected to decline during the integration process.

Savvy Buyers Being Let Go —Dana

As companies reshape their marketing strategies to embrace newer media—at the expense of print—their need for employees who only specialize in sourcing print will shrink.


Commercial printing supplier company and personnel news from Printing Impressions' February 2010 edition.

Tell Buyers that Print Rules! —DeWese

The e-mail headline read, "Special Announcement from Michael Makin." It said, "Dear Printing Industries of America Member: As you are aware, printed products are being criticized more and more for their impact on the environment—and unjustifiably so."

The Laws of Justification

One misconception in some circles is that trade binderies have outlived their usefulness, that the current progression is toward full-service print shops assembling their own comprehensive binding and finishing operations.


Commercial printing industry news briefs, including items on Courier, Metgers, Grover Printing, Heidelberg, Worldcolor and more

Value of Retaining Clients —Sherburne

Experts have indicated that it can cost as much as five to eight times more to acquire a new customer than to retain and grow an existing one.

Vertis Closes FSI Printing Facility

Vertis Communications closed its Manchester Township, PA, facility on Jan. 15, catching many of the 180 people who lost their jobs completely off guard.