4 Color Press — Middle Ground Master

IT COULD be argued that 4 Color Press doubles as a collectible automobile dealer. The Fort Worth, TX-based company has a pair of unique rides rubbing elbows with its short-run offset printing equipment: a 1957 Messerschmitt (one of those cute single-cylinder three-wheelers) and a screaming bright yellow 2000 Ferrari 360 Modena F-1. “It’s used for extremely fast deliveries,” notes 4 Color Press owner and self-described “solutionist” Andrew Fuld, tongue presumably in cheek. “If we have to get something there fast, I’m ready to jump in.” Fuld learned long ago the value of being able to deliver the goods in a hurry, having spent much

ACROSS the Nation

Vox Employees Put on a Happy Face! OKLAHOMA CITY—Maintaining a pleasant workplace atmosphere at Vox Printing is very important to company management, headed by CEO Laverna Reid, whose family owns the business. Which is one of the main reasons Vox Printing was selected by OKC Business (journal) as one of the “Best Places to Work in Oklahoma” for 2008. So, why is it such a great place to be employed? For starters, smiles appear first thing in the morning when employees drive past the baseball diamond, soccer field and Frisbee golf course on the grounds before walking through a sunny atrium in Vox Printing’s

BINDERY matters

Conference Creates BIA ‘Resurgence’ SCHAUMBURG, IL—By all accounts, the BIA Mid Management Conference held here April 28-29 was an “overwhelming success,” according to the Binding Industries Association. The meeting, which was extolled as a “critical step in the resurgence of the association,” was attended by more than 117 people. Most of the guests participated in two days of sessions that covered topics ranging from lean operations to environmental requirements to selling fulfillment services—all issues posed to impact bindery operations in significant ways. The conference was hailed as a definitive event for trade binderies, graphic finishers, looseleaf manufacturers and suppliers to those industries. “There

Credit Card Requirements Impact Smaller Printers

Recently, PIA/GATF sent a letter to the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee supporting an amendment that will delay certain credit card reporting requirements, which could be of particular concern for smaller printing companies. Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) included an amendment to H.R. 3221, the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008, that would delay the implementation of new requirements regarding merchant card reporting and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) collection. Under a provision included in H.R. 3221, small business owners could be subject to backup withholding penalties as high as 28 percent, as they seek to build a TIN processing system.

DIGITAL digest

Ford Printing Opts For New DI Press CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA—Ford Printing & Mailing has installed a Presstek 52DI digital offset press to bolster its ability to efficiently produce quality color printing in runs from 250 to 20,000 impressions. The shop’s goal is to better service its existing customer base as a trade printer, while also distinguishing its capabilities to support a drive into new markets. Océ Sees ‘Solid’ Future for Ink-Jet TRUMBULL, CT—Océ has launched a new digital printing platform, called Océ CrystalPoint, which it says combines the benefits of ink-jet and toner-based printing. It uses dry toner contained within solid,

Don’t Be Like Maynard —DeWese

IAM writing this column from Room 316 in the Paoli Hospital in Paoli, PA. I am here as a patient. Bet you thought I’d say, “I am here as a brain surgeon.” This hospital thing stinks, and I’m not in the mood to write a column. But, alas, I am a slave to “showing up.” It was Woody Allen who said, “Eighty percent of success is just showing up.” Woody Allen also said, “The mafia takes in more than $40 billion annually and spends very little on office supplies.” I have changed that to read, “and spends nothing on printing.” I’ve shown up for

EFI Buys Pace, Debuts Monarch

LAS VEGAS—The acquisition by EFI of MIS and e-commerce competitor Pace Systems Group for approximately $21 million in cash headlined the announcements made at EFI’s Connect 2008 users conference meeting held at the Wynn Las Vegas this week. The browser-based ePace print management solution will be renamed EFI Pace and will eventually replace EFI’s PSI and Logic platforms (which will still continue to be supported by EFI). The new solution is geared toward the mid-market segment. Targeted toward large single and multi-plant printing operations, EFI debuted EFI Monarch, which combines Hagen OA’s MIS toolset, the capabilities of Prograph for production planning and JDF

Elections Printers — Power of the Press

THERE HAS been some erroneous reporting going on. Not by Printing Impressions, but by another industry publication, which stated that 135 printers were gearing up to print election materials for the 2008 Democratic National Convention being held in Denver this month. There might be 135 printers on the Vendor List of the Host Committee’s Website, but only a select few made it through the “requirements process” and got the work. Touted as the “greenest presidential convention in history,” the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) was seeking a few environmentally friendly printers. But, that’s only the half of it. The other major requirement of the

GREEN scene

Green Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Eco-Friendly Machine MIAMI—Original Impressions recently announced a series of “Going Green” initiatives, while unveiling its newly installed Heidelberg XL 105 printing press. The announcements were made at the company’s two-day open house held in conjunction with Earth Day. At the event, Founder and CEO Roland B. Garcia Sr. provided opening remarks on the evolution of the company’s business plan to include environmentally sustainable initiatives. Additionally, Bill Eline, sales manager, Heidelberg, was on hand to discuss the eco-friendly attributes of the new printing press. The press will allow Original Impressions to significantly decrease its carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions generated

Greening of Print — Saving Earth, Saving Money

PRINTERS, ONCE considered polluters by virtue of their manufacturing processes, are vigorously cleaning up their acts by using technologies, papers and inks that are sustainable—and recycling, reusing and reducing nearly everything that’s not. And, for many printing business owners, their efforts to save the earth can even save (and make) them cold, hard cash. In today’s eco-friendly frenzy, greening up can subsequently mean more “greenbacks.” Printing Impressions contacted green printers from major metropolitan cities to small town America that report “social responsibility” as the No. 1 reason why they are becoming stewards of sustainability. By implementing a wide range of initiatives—which include everything from

Hammer Honored at Franklin Event

NEW YORK—Hammer Packaging’s James Hammer will receive the Power of Communications Award for Printing at the 2008 Franklin Event, to be held September 10 at Chelsea Piers in the Big Apple. The Franklin Event will attract about 500 CEOs and senior executives from the printing, publishing, advertising and graphic arts-related industries. During the gala, the prestigious Franklin Award for Distinguished Service will be given, though event host Printing Industries Alliance (PIA) would not divulge the recipient. Also receiving Power of Communications Awards for other sectors are Ken Lantz, DRAFTFCB-New York (advertising), and Tom Fox, American Express Publishing/Time Inc. (publishing). Winner of the John Peter

Ironside Press — Old-Fashioned Elbow Grease

“WE KNOW our competition. And, it wasn’t who we thought it was!” reveals Bo Forbes, owner of Ironside Press in Vero Beach, FL. “We realized that we’re no longer in the business of simply providing printed ink on paper. At the end of the day, our tangible product is printing, but what exactly are we providing? “Ironside Press isn’t merely a printing company. It’s a marketing services group,” Forbes contends. “We provide a solution for customers who need to communicate something to a target audience: design ideas, production estimates, mailing lists, response management strategies and, ultimately, the tools clients will use to communicate and

Komori Expands Japanese Factory

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY—Komori Corp. plans to invest US$95 million in the latest expansion phase of its flagship Tsukuba factory in Tsukuba City, Japan, the company announced during Drupa. Upon its scheduled completion in December 2009, Komori claims that the Tsukuba plant will have effectively doubled in size to become the world’s largest printing press manufacturing facility. Yoshiharu Komori, president and CEO of Komori Corp., said the press manufacturer’s continued strong growth in worldwide market share could enable it to achieve a market share of 30 percent within five years. The company is also investing $14 million in its new international Graphic Technology Center at Tsukuba,

LETTERS to the Editor

Skilled Labor Controversy Dear Editor, I read with great interest your two-part article by Cheryl Adams, “Skilled Labor: Help Wanted” [March] and “Cure for Workforce Woes” [April]. My interest peaked when I read that parents are part of the reason that young adults do not go into the printing industry. Boy, is that the truth. Only the reason is that these kids have seen their parents laid off, downsized, globalized and right-sized out of the industry. So why would a young adult go into an industry that has abandoned their parents that helped build this industry? You bet, “It isn’t your daddy’s print shop

manroland Hosts Open House

WESTMONT, IL—Large-format printing was the center of attention during a manroland open house held at its corporate headquarters here on June 24. The manufacturer’s Print Technology Center featured a pair of Roland 906LV presses, including one with an in-line foiler Prindor, which provided six demonstrations throughout the day.Among the presentations was a panel discussion that…

Metzgers Expanding Facility, Adding Staff

TOLEDO, OH—Metzgers Printing and Mailing is building a 29,000-square-foot addition to its facility here that is expected to be completed in November, the Toledo Free Press reported. The move is expected to help create 12 permanent positions. Metzgers, which expects to post sales of $13 million in fiscal 2008, will have nearly 100,000 square feet…

Morse: The Accidental Candidate ­—Cagle

BITS AND PIECES AS THE countdown to fall elections begins, we present to you the curious case of one Stan Morse, recruiter and consultant to the printing industry. His Twin Oaks Team operates out of Raleigh, NC. Morse is also the Democratic challenger to incumbent Marilyn Avila for the North Carolina state legislature in District 40. Nothing strange about that, obviously. The fascinating part is Morse’s journey to the District 40 House of Representatives race; one that really shouldn’t include him. But sometimes fate takes hold of the wheel for an unexpected ride. Now, Morse is enjoying it. It all began earlier this year

NewPage Mill Closure Costs 475 Jobs

KIMBERLY, WI—NewPage Corp. will close its coated freesheet paper mill here at the end of August. The move will result in the loss of 475 jobs, in addition to the 125 employees impacted by the shutdown of its No. 95 paper machine last May. The mill, which has two paper machines left, produced roughly 500,000 tons of coated freesheet per year for a variety of commercial printing and specialty applications. According to Mark Suwyn, chairman and CEO of NewPage, the move was in response to a slowdown in demand for coated paper, as the weak economy has taken a bite out of print advertising.

Paper Recycling — Saving Money, Sanity

TRUTH BE known, while many of you make a handsome living in the printing and associated services sectors, you hate paper. And that’s OK, for you have good reason to feel that way. Paper can be pretty annoying. It’s pricey, for one, accounting for a lion’s share of total costs. It is a space hog; between the real estate it consumes and the cost, many would prefer to have the least amount necessary in inventory. Web rolls are bulky and awkward...ever get your foot pinched by one? People have even been killed by runaway webs. Perhaps worst of all, paper gets wasted. Even with

PIA/GATF Converge Conference — 10 Ways to Become an MSP

FOR REASONS I don’t quite understand, lists seem to be one of the hottest media items. People want a quick solution for all that ills them—losing weight, getting rich, finding happiness, etc. It seems the idea of lists is a magnet for catching our attention. When you walk past the newsstand, there is hardly a magazine cover that doesn’t have some sort of list prominently displayed. Even late night television talk show host David Letterman has his nightly lists mocking some person, idea or political thought. So now it is time for me to succumb and offer my newly minted Steven Schnoll list, which

PIA/GATF Converge Conference — It’s Time to Converge

IN ORDER to remain competitive and profitable, graphic communications providers must travel beyond just putting ink on paper—expanding their services to variable data, the Web and cross-media. The first annual PIA/GATF “Converge: Variable Data, Web Services and Cross-Media Conference” will be held September 20-23 in Phoenix. Three tracks containing fundamental, advanced, and sales and marketing sessions, make this conference suitable for companies just beginning to redefine their digital services, as well as veteran practitioners. This special section has been designed to highlight some of the key conference topics and speakers. The Converge Conference is a combination of PIA/GATF’s Workflow and Variable Data and

PIA/GATF Converge Conference — Sell VDP to Decision Makers

LET ME be blunt: The people who buy variable data printing (VDP) are not buying printing. If you try to sell them printing, you will fail. You’ll fail because you have not articulated the productivity and capability of VDP in meeting business objectives in the 21st Century marketplace. The choice to buy variable data printing is a business decision made by individuals whose jobs entail making critical decisions for their companies. This precludes print buyers, production coordinators, traffic managers, etc. Instead, it includes directors and VPs of marketing, brand and division managers, senior VPs, and even CEOs, CFOs and presidents. If you do

Presidential Hopefuls Don’t ‘Walk Their Talk’ —Michelson

THERE WILL be more than just tons of political “hot air” emitted in Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul during the respective Democratic and Republican national conventions in the coming weeks. So will, literally, be tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Despite efforts by both parties to appear politically correct by “greening” their conventions and their marketing efforts, neither campaign has bothered to address the carbon footprint of their political advertising and events. And they constitute a big footprint, indeed. PQ Media reports that political ad spending is expected to rise 43 percent to an all-time high of $4.5 billion during the 2008 election cycle. Direct

Presstek Settles Some Litigation

HUDSON, NH—Presstek Inc. has reached settlements that resolve three long-standing legal disputes. In addition, the company has reached a settlement with one major distributor in the company’s patent and trademark infringement action against VIM Technologies Ltd. and others being investigated by the International Trade Commission (ITC). Last February, Presstek filed a complaint with the ITC against Israeli printing plate manufacturer VIM Technologies and its manufacturing partner Hanita Coatings RCA, for what it claimed was infringement of its patent and trademark rights. Presstek also sued three U.S.-based distributors of VIM products: Ohio Graphco, Guaranteed Service and Supplies, and Recognition Systems, as well as one


Winners Take Podium at Georgia SkillsUSA Competition ATLANTA—The Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia (PIAG) announced the winners of the Georgia SkillsUSA graphic communications competition, sponsored by Heidelberg and held at its Print Media Demonstration Center in Kennesaw, GA. Through a grant from the PIAG Educational Foundation, the first place contestant was awarded $4,500 in scholarships and had the opportunity to travel to Kansas City to compete in the National SkillsUSA competition. Winning awards were: first place, Alyssa Ailion, a senior at Walton High School in Marietta, GA, who also went on to place second in the National SkillsUSA competition; second place, Victoria Gunnin,