XEIKON-A Punch Graphix Brand

IBT Global Chooses the Xeikon 6000 Digital Color Press for Automated Book Production
January 14, 2008

TROY, NY/ITASCA, IL— January 14, 2008—Integrated Book Technology (also known as IBT Global or IBT), a leader in digital book manufacturing, has chosen the Xeikon 6000 digital color press to further enhance its book production capabilities. IBT specializes in the production of technical, scientific, medical, professional, scholarly and school textbooks for some of the leading book publishers in the USA and Europe. Since its inception in 1991, IBT has always been at the forefront of developing and utilizing digital book production technology. According to Mr. William J. Clockel, Partner and Chief Technology Officer, IBT, “Our primary focus is to provide value-added offerings to our

CDS Publications Purchases a Xeikon 6000 Digital Color Press
October 30, 2007

MEDFORD, OR/ITASCA, IL—October 30, 2007—Xeikon, a Punch Graphix brand, announces the purchase of a Xeikon 6000 digital color press by CDS Publications. CDS Publications is a part of Consolidated Graphics, one of North America’s leading general commercial printing companies with 68 strategically located printing facilities. CDS Publications specializes in producing bound publications, including books, catalogs, magazines, brochures and instructional literature. According to Mr. Steven A. Brown, President, CDS Publications, “We were impressed with the format flexibility of the Xeikon 6000. It can handle substrate widths up to 20” and produce variable-sized images of unlimited length. Unlike other digital color presses, the Xeikon 6000 does not

GE07: Digital Printing — Applications Being Taken
October 1, 2007

ONE OF the promotional pieces sent out by the sponsors of Graph Expo made the claim that this year’s event would be the largest digital printing show in the United States by a factor of two. That’s including solutions for page printing, wide-format printing, software and related equipment. Tuesday was designated “Customer & Marketing Communications Day,” which was supposed to put a special focus on transpromotional printing applications that combine direct marketing with statements/transactional mail. Several digital press vendors did highlight this developing market during their press briefings, and GMC Software had a good-sized booth, but this application was still easy to miss around

Variable Data Printing: From A to Z
October 1, 2007

THIS SPECIAL editorial section was produced to tie in with the upcoming sixth annual PIA/GATF Variable Data and Personalization Conference, to be held November 3 to 6 in Phoenix. The event will feature two dozen sessions to help companies leverage variable data for success. Attendees will hear riveting case studies and participate in sessions selected directly by prospective attendees during online voting earlier this year. As one attendee said last year, “This is the type of conference that puts all the variables of variable printing into one comprehensive program. I learned more at this conference than I ever expected.” Sessions for decision makers include

Selling Digital Printing — Business Builders
March 1, 2007

LET’S BE honest, selling digital printing to your customers can be a daunting proposition. More often than not, it falls upon you to be the one to enlighten buyers about the virtues of variable data printing. Who better to budge them out of their static ways? That’s all copasetic. Given the relative nascent state of variable data digital work, it behooves printers to leverage the educational tools and programs being offered by high-end digital color press manufacturers to help them not only sell more printing, but also educate print buyers on why they should consider the merits of personalization. Virtually all of the manufacturers

DIGITAL digest
November 1, 2006

Putting an iGen3 in Team Spells Digital Success CAROL STREAM, IL—Some 350 people attended the open house recently held by Team Concept to showcase the capabilities of its new Xerox iGen3 digital color press. The shop reports running the machine 24 hours a day within just four months of installing it. Pictured in front of the digital press are (from the left) Tony Rouse, Team Concept president and CEO; Paco Salcedo, its iGen3 certified specialist; Julie Higgins, customer business development manager for Xerox; Laurie Kaminski, Team Concept’s iGen3 manager; and Mike Murphy of Xerox. Punch Graphix Rolls Out Xeikon 6000 ITASCA, IL—After

VDP Supplement: Digital Hits The Desert
October 1, 2006

THE FIFTH annual PIA/GATF Variable Data and Personalization Conference, held November 12-14 in Phoenix, will feature more than two days of sessions to help companies advance their capabilities. This special supplement has been designed to highlight some of the key conference topics and speakers. Attendees will hear case studies from the Canadian Conservative Party and Move.com that provide a behind-the-scenes look at effective uses of VDP. Three separate tracks, a total of 21 sessions, are being offered. Management sessions will include: Building an Efficient Cost/Financial Model; Liability/Security Issues; Managing a Multimedia Company; Transitioning from Transactional to Marketing; as well as Profiting from Digital

Traffic Report: Speed Bumps, Congestion on Digital Highway —Michelson
October 1, 2006

ALL ROADS lead to the Windy City for our industry’s biggest annual confab, Graph Expo, this month. Although you might be reading this issue of Printing Impressions just after the event—or perhaps on your way to the show—most pundits predicted that the overriding themes for this year’s edition would be digital printing and workflow. Large exhibits from companies like Xerox, Kodak, H-P, Xeikon and Océ will surely be bustling with show floor traffic. Printers who have already entered the digital printing realm will be crowded shoulder-to-shoulder within these booths with those still pondering whether to make their initial leap. Some show-goers will just

October 1, 2006

FOR A time, it seemed as if the only point of distinction in digital printing was the simple fact of it being digital. The term became virtually synonymous with short run, quick turnaround printing, maybe with a little variable data work thrown in. Companies looking to invest in digital printing services typically evaluated the full range of equipment options available, a trend that continues today. At first blush, all the machines seem more alike than different—in terms of format, speed, resolution, etc.—and are capable of getting the job done. Some vendors like the connotations—solid, durable, productive—of the “digital press” designation. Other have opted to

DME Purchases Two Xeikon 5000 Digital Presses
August 7, 2006

DAYTONA BEACH, FL—August 07, 2006—Punch Graphix, through its Xeikon brand, announces the purchase of two Xeikon 5000 digital color press by Direct Mail Express (DME), a leading provider of one-to-one direct marketing solutions. DME utilizes a multimedia direct marketing approach, including personalized direct mail, Internet and telephony, to build a successful campaign for its clients. From creative development and full-color printing to database management, everything is handled onsite at DME’s full-service, 11-acre campus. It’s no surprise then that DME’s client list is a virtual “Who’s Who” of Fortune 500 companies and key regional and national accounts, such as Southeast Toyota, AutoNation, Microsoft, and Cendant Corporation