Ink Isn't Just Ink . . .
May 1, 1999

There's more to this critical printing ingredient than what comes in the can—tons of trust, good communication, lots of technical support, a competitive price and, of course, quality. BY CHERYL A. ADAMS Ink isn't just ink. One size doesn't fit all. Otherwise, there wouldn't be thousands of formulations—each with its own set of requirements, which may vary depending on the type of press, printing process, product and substrate used, as well as the product's end use and the environment in which it will be used. With so many applications and different ink formulations, how does a printer know which ink to buy? Which is

DeWese--Super Bowls, Super Kudos, Super Vision
March 1, 1998

It's Super Bowl Sunday, the game is on the tiny TV here in my office, Brett Favre has just thrown a touchdown pass to Antonio Freeman—and here I sit writing this column. Boy, am I a loser. Seems like I should have been invited to at least one Super Bowl party. I think someone should have asked me over to see the game on a big-screen TV. Wow, Terrell Davis just ran one in to tie the score. I think I'll try to finish this column before the game ends. I'll watch the game with my left eye and write with my right