Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical Introduces Streamline OEM-Compatible Digital Wide-Format Aftermarket Inks
January 7, 2015

Designed specifically for use in wide-format printers that use high-quality solvent-based inks, Sun Chemical's new Streamline range of OEM-compatible digital aftermarket inks provide an optimal solution for large-format display advertising. The inks are carefully matched to the original products for both color shade and strength, as well as physical properties, so print providers can use their existing printer settings when converting from the OEM inks.

Sun Chemical Introduces SunLit Triumph Max Commercial Conventional Sheetfed Inks
May 22, 2014

Sun Chemical’s new SunLit Triumph Max commercial sheetfed inks are formulated for commercial sheetfed printers looking to increase productivity, improve print fidelity and meet strict sustainability requirements. The new inks use renewable resources and bio-based materials, and contain less than 2 percent in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).