Keystone Press

Business Forced to Close After Car Crashes into Building
December 7, 2010

After 40 years of printing, Keystone Press in Penbrook (PA) has been forced to close—for now. A driver crashed into the Dauphin County business over the weekend. The outside of Keystone Press is boarded up. According to Penbrook police, a driver hit the Walnut Street business early Sunday morning. Police say the crash was DUI-related, and charges are pending against the driver.

“I’ve been in that location since 1970, so going on 41 years,” said Ken Forney, owner of Keystone Press. For four decades, Forney printed business cards, forms, letters—whatever his customers needed.

DIGITAL PLATESETTERS -- Growing by Twos and Fours
January 1, 2004

BY MARK SMITH Technology Editor The size of a shop's presses used to be seen as saying something about the sophistication of its operations. Today, half-size and smaller presses are just as likely as full-size machines to boast sophisticated computer controls, digital interfaces and other automation features. While the trend toward shorter runs may play to the strengths of these presses, print buyers don't want to make any compromises in color, quality or service. Therefore, small- to mid-size printers have come under increased pressure to be technologically competitive throughout their shops. For a growing number, a critical step has been adopting computer-to-plate production with