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Japs-Olson to Install Landmark Press
May 19, 2006

ST. LOUIS PARK, MN—The world’s first Goss Sunday 2000 web press equipped to complete four-color job changes without stopping for a makeready is being installed by Japs-Olson. The 24-page, single-web press will include eight Goss automatic transfer (AT) printing units, providing on-the-fly print transfer. With the press printing, operators will be able to complete a…

DIRECT MARKETING OUTLOOK -- Mail Still Delivers Growth
December 1, 2005

BY MARK SMITH Technology Editor Marketers, it would seem, are every bit as intrepid as mail carriers. It will take more than a modest rate increase to keep the mail from going through, as the prevailing outlook for direct mail in 2006 calls for continued growth. Success will be database driven, with messaging getting ever more personal. By the time the ball drops in New York's Times Square, more than $161 billion will have been spent this year on direct marketing in the United States, projects an independent study commissioned by The Direct Marketing Association (DMA). According to its "U.S. Direct Marketing Today: Economic

EDITOR'S notebook
September 1, 2005

Cream Rises to the Top This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Printing Industry Hall of Fame, which is co-sponsored by Printing Impressions and the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) School of Print Media. Having played a part in the selection process these past two decades, it's a blur when I think back on all of the industry heavyweights we've honored over the years. I fondly recall former powerhouses like Frank Beddor, The Beddor Cos.; Curtis Bourland, Continental Graphics; Quebecor's Pierre Peladeau; Mark C. Pope III, of Graphic Industries fame; and, of course—among our inaugural class in 1986—the late Harry V. Quadracci, founder

Printing Impressions 400 -- 51 - 100
December 1, 2004

(Editor's Note: Company rankings for the current and previous years are based on figures reported in 2004. Therefore, companies that revised their 2003 revenues may have changed their 2003 ranking as compared with the ranking that appeared in last year's Printing Impressions 400. Similarly, the percentage change in sales is calculated on the most recent information provided.) 51 ('03: 52) PBM Graphics, Research Triangle Park, NC Total Sales (Millions): $113.50 Previous Year's Sales (Millions): $102.20 Change (%): +11 Principal Officer: Terry L. Pegram Employees: 900 Primary Specialties: COM 85%; PUB 5%; PREP 5%; ADV 5% Web Offset Press Units: 11 Sheetfed Press Units: 90

2005 Direct Mail Market Outlook -- Mailers Bullish on '05
December 1, 2004

By Erik Cagle Senior Editor Even though postal reform remains in a holding pattern and the 2004 economy dragged its feet en route to recovery, major players in the direct mail industry have high expectations to what the coming year will bring after a solid finish to the current year. The 2004 campaign was one of dramatic growth in top-line and bottom-line revenue for IWCO Direct, Chanhassen, MN. The company once again saw solid performances from the financial services and insurance markets, according to Jim Andersen, president and CEO. Top 10 Direct Mail Printers  CompanySegmentSales(millions)TotalSales(millions) 1Quebecor WorldMontreal$640$6,400 2RR DonnelleyChicago$492$8,204 3Vertis Inc.Baltimore$317$1,585 4Banta Corp.Menasha, WI$184$1,418

CIM In Action -- Awaiting the Big Payoff
November 1, 2004

By Erik Cagle Senior Editor Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) is to return on investment (ROI) what exercise is to weight loss. In the latter scenario, the early stages of a new workout program can be quite transforming. It only takes a couple of days at the gym to notice a difference in the way you feel—the air seems fresher, the body feels invigorated and experiences more energy in the beginning and the end of the day. Even after just one week of intense weight lifting and cardiovascular training, one's body can feel like a million bucks. But after one week, don't step on a scale.

20-40 Visionaries — Young Turks Set the Pace
August 1, 2004

THE FIRST decade in the 21st century has become known for its lists of Top 10s, 50s, 100s—you name it. We have assembled 20 of the printing industry’s finest young executives for your consideration.

Printing Impressions 400 -- 51-100
December 1, 2003

(Editor's Note: Company rankings for the current and previous years are based on figures reported in 2003. Therefore, companies that revised their 2002 revenues may have changed their 2002 ranking as compared with the ranking that appeared in last year's Printing Impressions 400. Similarly, the percentage change in sales is calculated on the most recent information provided.) 51 ('02: 53) Miami Systems, Cincinnati, OH Total Sales (Millions): $129.00 Previous Year's Sales (Millions): $138.00 Change (%): -7 Principal Officer: Samuel L. Peters Employees: 1,200 Primary Specialties: BF 30%; PKG 20%; DM 15%; SPEC 15% (Pre-paid telephone cards; plastic credit cards) Web Offset Press Units:

Direct Mail Market -- Market Share from Another Medium?
December 1, 2003

By Erik Cagle Senior Editor Issues abound for the direct marketing printer, and some of the high impact ones involve the federal government. Given this, there is but one absolute: don't expect hard and fast resolutions anytime soon. One topic centers on postal reform for the United States Postal Service (USPS); another deals with the possible redirection of marketing efforts from customers who may no longer believe that telemarketing is a viable answer in light of the federal Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry. Top 10 Direct Mail Printers*  CompanySegmentSales(millions)TotalSales(millions) 1Quebecor WorldMontreal$624$6,242 2Vertis Inc.Baltimore$335$1,675 3Banta Corp.Menasha, WI$191$1,366 4RR DonnelleyChicago$142$4,754 5The Instant Web Cos.Chanhassen, MN$93$98 6Von Hoffmann(Lehigh Direct)St.

Japs-Olson Family in Court Over Ownership
October 1, 2003

MINNEAPOLIS—Japs-Olson retired company Chairman and President William Beddor is currently seeking to remove the company's existing management, which is led, in part, by his son Michael. In addition Beddor's other children are also suing the company, demanding full payment for their collective 31 percent stake in the largely direct mail printing operation. In a pair of lawsuits filed in Hennepin District Court, the siblings claim they've been squeezed out of the company decision-making process by Michael Beddor and current Chairman Robert Murphy. Attorney Timothy Kelly, representing Michael Beddor and Murphy, did not return calls for comment. The suing parties are Sandy and John Beddor, Mary Meuwissen and