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Gorgeous Self-Mailing Wrap Invitation – 60-Second Fold of the Week
January 7, 2016 at 11:38 am

We're kicking off 2016 with an event invitation to remember for an event at Tiny Jewel Box in Washington, D.C. The piece takes the form of a stylish wrap that self mails with a custom seal and custom postage stamp. Nested inside is a letterpress invitation that looks and feels amazing.

Dana on Marketing Messages: What Is 'Value' To Print Buyers?
July 1, 2014

Customers who truly value a printer want to maintain a long-term relationship with that printer. They'll sing the printer's praises to their managers and refer them to others. It's the sort of WOM (Word of Mouth) marketing that all businesses want. So I wrote to a few buyers and printers to get more insight as to what value really means.

HBP and Balmar Printing Join Forces
September 7, 2010

Balmar (PI400: #179, $28.5 million in sales) will be a wholly owned subsidiary of HBP Inc. (PI400: #266, $19.5 million in sales). "Both HBP and Balmar recognize that customers need completely customized and integrated solutions to help increase ROI, streamline processes and manage their data," said John Snyder, President of HBP.