Duplo USA

On-demand Finishing Finesse
October 1, 1998

How profitable are digital press investments? Not very—if on-demand postpress support is lacking. Finish-on-demand is just as important as its glamorous partner, as any on-demand printer can well attest. BY MARIE RANOIA ALONSO The finishing component of on-demand digital printing is every bit as important as is the high-tech print engine that drives the most elite of digital presses. If the finishing finesse is missing, despite the best performance power of the finest digital color press, a digital print job is not only at risk of not being on-demand, but not being on time. As more traditional offset commercial printers and short-run shops go

Ingram Books--The Speed of Lightning
March 1, 1998

Prometheus may have introduced fire to the mortals in Greek mythology, but LaVergne, TN-based Ingram Book Co. is supplying lightning to printers and publishers. Well, Lightning Print, that is. The newest division of Ingram Books, Lightning Print utilizes on-demand technology to offer "one-at-a-time" printing services to the book industry. And there's nothing mythical about it. Currently in pilot production, Lightning Print (LPI) is the result of a strategic alliance among Ingram, IBM and Danka: IBM delivers the print on-demand technology, while Danka is overseeing the entire process. The concept is simple; Lightning Print stores books in a digital library, and its on-demand capabilities allow