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May 1, 2002

Buhrs Unveils Its Newest Mailing, Fulfillment Solutions LOHNE, GERMANY—The Buhrs Group unveiled six new developments in the field of mailroom and fulfillment solutions during a two-day open house event in March that brought more than 325 participants to its Buhrs-ITM plant here for product demonstrations and seminars. On display at the plant were the Buhrs Intelligent Boxing System, the BB200 Envelope Inserting System, the H4 Hybrid Feeder, the Buhrs 3000 Film Wrapping System, the NeuroCheck Camera System and the System Controller. All six systems represent the trend in the mailroom and fulfillment markets towards flexibility and modular design, reports Tony Cockerham, vice president

Inserting Equipment — Inquiring into Inserts
June 1, 2001

BY CHRIS BAUER Although it may not be as flashy as a star-filled TV commercial during the last episode of "Survivor" or halftime of the Super Bowl, many companies are finding refuge from high advertising costs in a weakened economy by going a more traditional and cost-effective route—newspaper inserts. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Livonia, MI-based Valassis Communications, a leading printer of coupons and newspaper inserts, reported it is reaping financial benefits from the slowing economy. As advertisers look for ways to lure customers into their stores with sales and other ways to save, Valassis is providing much of the printing of

Film Wrapping — A Nice Finishing Touch
May 1, 2001

BY ERIK CAGLE The economic strain being felt by most, if not all, industries across our country is making for some interesting bed-fellows. New media applications such as the Internet, with some of its brethren at one time poised to make ink-on-paper as cutting edge as a Smith Corona typewriter, has come crawling back with its tail between its declining stock. Well, we also need the dotcom and advanced media technology companies as much as they need us. Advertising revenue, particularly for magazines, is down. There is, however, an upside to the doom and gloom being projected/predicted for at least the first half of 2001. This

Floor-Model Folders — Accessories Add Sparkle
January 1, 2001

BY ERIK CAGLE Accessories are to folding machines what cherries are to cheesecake—sweet. Then there's chocolate cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake. On the folder side, there's the need for product/card tipping, product sampling with peelable gluing, plow folding and the like, not to mention old standbys like scoring, slitting and perforating. Make no mistake about it, printers and trade finishers still seek units that are easy to operate, with short setup times, quick makereadies and capable of outstanding production levels. But auxiliary equipment can greatly augment the humble folder. The aforementioned features are among the most requested by customers, according to Wayne Pagel, president