How Does Your Bindery Grow?
March 1, 2000

BY CHERYL A. ADAMS Printer, printer . . . How does your bindery grow? Certainly not with cockleshells all in a row—but with the same careful cultivation, operational dedication and savvy business sense that commercial printers are using to grow their prepress and pressroom areas. But forget all the bells and whistles of prepress and press for a moment. Instead, take a behind-the-scenes look at how three very different commercial printers—two with extensive bindery operations and one with limited finishing services—are growing their overall businesses by investing in their back ends. Blue Ocean PressAbsolute AutomationYou never want to have to print a job over

MBC--Small Printer, Big Performance
October 1, 1998

There are many unique things about Metro Business Connection (MBC), a small Minnesota instant printer. Take, for instance, its name. Unlike many print shops, the name Metro Business Connection does not connote anything to do with printing. Its work force and location—three employees working out of a separate 1,000-square-foot shop beside the owner's home—are not necessarily the norm. But in its seven years of existence, MBC has grown to enjoy its remarkable success due to the quality and service the company offers. "We're very service-oriented," says Neil Stromme, vice president, who operates the shop along with his wife Sarah, president, and a third employee.