Digital Printing-Toner - Cut Sheet (Color)

Newsweb Signs Letter of Intent with TKS for Jetleader 1500 Press
June 4, 2013

A letter of intent has been signed by Newsweb Corp. and TKS for Newsweb’s second Jetleader 1500 digital inkjet press. The press will compliment and run in parallel with Newsweb's existing Jetleader 1500 which went into production last October. Included in the bill of material are the new sectioning accumulator unit, new variable cutoff folder and variable data printing for both presses.

Digitally Printed Packaging: Opportunity for Commercial Printers?
May 1, 2013

The potential for digital packaging is great, and while there are many obstacles, these can all be overcome. Commercial printers would also like to get into packaging, but commercial shops have some additional challenges. Commercial printers generally do not have the finishing equipment: folding, scoring, diecutting. Perhaps more significant, brand owners generally look to box makers for boxes, not commercial printers.

Xerox’s New Production Printer Helps Customers Bring in More Jobs
April 15, 2013

The new Xerox Color 8250 production printer is targeted for 800,000- to four-million impressions per month and can deliver variable, vibrant color. It eliminates the need for preprinted offset shells—allowing print service providers to offer the additional value of one-pass color on statements and direct mail pieces.

The Martini Client – Stir Them with a Twist While Adding a Twist
April 10, 2013

It was around Valentine’s Day when a red-striped promotional piece captured my paper lover’s attention within a millisecond. GLS, a single-source marketing services provider based in Minnesota, used CMYK and a triple hit of white to produce a beautiful striped pattern and ribbon effect. But it was the striking look and velvety feel of some of the hearts and stripes in the design that left me weak in the knees.

High-Speed Inkjet Presses: Next Round of Investments
February 1, 2013

What is striking about the round of installations this year over last, we are hearing about far fewer installation problems and challenges with substrates. We are hearing more about the costs and need to expand post-processing capabilities rather than installation or performance of the presses themselves. Business cases are still strong but, unlike the earliest adopters, those needs were not as acute, so they had the luxury of hanging back and biding their time until that time was right.

Tribune Direct : The Magic of Technology
May 1, 2012

Tribune Direct is the direct mail printing offshoot of the Chicago Tribune Media Group, perhaps best known for its venerable Chicago Tribune newspaper. Its value proposition is a three-pronged attack: direct mail strategy, program management and creative development.

Opening New Market Opportunities with Digital Technology
December 1, 2010

One of the key drivers for the printing industry is going to be digital technology. Digital printing offers personalization, cost savings, improved output options and the ability to migrate traditional offset volume to a value added digital services business model.

This webinar explores emerging market opportunities driven by digital color printing (both toner based and inkjet) combined with the availability of an expanded array of substrates. You will hear from your peers in the industry about how they are tapping into direct mail market expansion, books on demand, photo merchandise and digital packaging by combining the right digital press with the right paper. 

Key areas that will be explored include:
1. Perspectives on the market growth areas for digital applications
2. Case histories from service providers that are building new business models around on demand publishing, packaging direct marketing and photo merchandise and critical requirements for success
3. Recommendations for participating in the market transition

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