Data Management

On-Demand is in Demand for Books
June 25, 2014

“On-demand” books offer the prospect of growing sales, revenues, and profits for both publishers and print service providers.

IWCO Direct Awarded ISO Certification for Data Security
November 7, 2013

IWCO Direct has achieved ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification through BSI Group America. The certification signifies IWCO Direct has met internationally-accepted benchmarks and standards for protecting the data of its customers and the organization.

Retailers Building with Data, not Brick and Mortar
June 5, 2012

Last week, I attended a customer relationship marketing conference for retailers, by retailers. I have to say that I barely made it through the conference without spontaneously combusting from the speed of change in the retail marketing sector.

Fenske Media Helps Clients Mine for Gold with Data-Driven Marketing Communications
December 16, 2011

Fenske Media is a highly successful, family-owned, multichannel marketing solutions provider that caters to a national clientele of banks, financial institutions and non-profits. Its smallest customers have lists in the 25,000 to 50,000 range. A Kodak Prosper 5000XL inkjet press is just the latest addition to its digital production aresenal.