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10 Easy Steps to the Right Paper – Part 2
November 11, 2009

Choosing the most appropriate quality paper for your project can be a daunting task. To ease the way, I’ve compiled my top ten tips to help you find the right paper for your projects.

10 Easy Steps to the Right Paper
November 3, 2009

Choosing the most appropriate quality paper for your project can be a daunting task. Paper has many features to consider, and new sheets are continually coming into the market.

Ready for the Lacey Act?
June 30, 2009

Is the paper you purchased for your next direct mail or catalog campaign imported? How about the fiber used to make the paper? Did you perform due diligence to determine if all parties in the supply chain legally sourced and imported the paper that you bought? If not, YOU could be in violation of the Lacey Act.

The Lacey Act, a 100-year-old statute originally passed to stop wildlife crimes, was amended in May 2008 by the U.S. Congress to also now ban the commerce of illegally sourced plants, timber and wood and paper products. Companies that import or domestically source such environmentally harmful products may face seizure of goods, fines and jail time.

To stay on the right side of the law, protect your company's reputation and be a good corporate citizen of the world, you need to understand the requirements of this legislation and how they affect your role in paper sourcing NOW.



Paper Choices: Post-Consumer Recycled, Responsibly Forested and Everything In-Between
April 2, 2009

Part of the All About: Sustainability Webinar Series!

Selecting the right paper for your direct mail campaigns has always been a balancing act, juggling cost with performance. And now, marketers increasingly are adding environment-friendly to their lists of considerations.

But "environment-friendly" is a big concept, encompassing a whole host of options ranging from virgin fiber that is responsibly harvested to post-consumer recycled fiber, mixed fiber sources and even alternatives to wood fiber. In addition, some companies extend their research and selection criteria to include the environmental impact of the processes used to manufacture the paper.

To help you suss out the differences in the paper products on the market, Target Marketing and Printing Impressions have assembled a panel of production experts who will take you through the various factors related to the environment and paper.

You'll come away with an understanding of:
- the substrates that are considered environment-friendly
- the environmental issues surrounding the manufacturing process
- what factors to weigh when selecting eco-friendly papers

Click here to view this webinar today!

Special Report: Paper Trails
June 1, 2008

Source. This term most commonly has referred to the origin of names on a list for rental. No longer. Now, direct marketers must get acquainted with a new application--paper source. Aggressive logging to support demand for paper products has drastically reduced the size of the world's forests, which play a critical role in absorbing the carbon dioxide gases that fuel global warming.