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Paper Tariff Could Lead To Price Increase, Job Loss
May 1, 2007

The U.S. Commerce Department announced its preliminary determination in the ongoing countervailing duty (CVD) investigation on imports of coated free sheet paper (CFS) from China, Korea and Indonesia. The initial determination shows that producers and exporters of CFS paper have received countervailable subsidies, ranging up to 20.35 percent in China, up to 1.76 percent in Korea, and 21.24 percent in Indonesia. As a result, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is required to apply anti-dumping duties to imports of CFS. PIA/GATF believes these duties will cause shortages in the U.S. market for CFS paper and a rise in paper costs, reducing the volume of

Where do E-services “Fit” in Printing?
May 1, 2007

How important are process automation and e-commerce capabilities to a printer’s success in working with today’s emerging “demand specifiers?” Doug Traxler is executive vice president of Webb/Mason, based in Hunt Valley, MD. Webb/ Mason is an $85 million company specializing in online brand management, creative and print services. The company works with nearly 200 “preferred partners” nationwide, matching their services to the needs of more than 400 active customers. Traxler was part of a “Demand Specifiers Panel” at the recent NPES Industry Summit in Chicago. We followed up with him afterward. At first glance, the Webb/Mason model is reminiscent of the e-commerce “bid and

The World of Print is Flat Too! — Part Deux
May 1, 2007

In the October 2006 issue of NPES News, we highlighted the preliminary findings of Phase 1 of the PRIMIR study on the Worldwide Market for Print. Phase 3 of this study is now essentially complete and was presented to the member-ship at the recent NPES Industry Summit. The message from this report is clear. . .if you’re not thinking global, you better begin investigating international markets soon. If you are a global marketer, there may be some markets not currently on your radar screen worth taking a closer look at going forward. In this issue, we will explore the top level global printing market

NPES Industry Summit Portrays a Healthy Industry with Global Growth Prospects
April 4, 2007

RESTON, VA—April 4, 2007—The first NPES Industry Summit, held recently in Chicago, provided an optimistic view of print’s current and future prospects and a preview of the world’s most promising growth markets for the years ahead. The Summit, presented by NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, combined the 26th edition of the PRINT OUTLOOK® economic forecasting conference with the NPES Spring Conference and the Spring meeting of PRIMIRSM, the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization. “Bringing the annual PRINT OUTLOOK together with the PRIMIR Spring Meeting and the NPES Spring Conference in a central locale like Chicago provided

Europe Takes Global Leadership in Printed Electronics
April 4, 2007

Surprisingly, Europe has been pulling ahead of the rest of the world in many aspects of printed and potentially printed electronics just lately and this will be revealed by the following organisations and others at the forthcoming conference Printed Electronics Europe April 17-18 at Cambridge University UK, ( Remarkable advances from Korea, Japan and the US will also be presented. Europe gets into production first In 2007, Nanoident opened the world’s first printed semiconductor factory in Austria, making photodetector arrays initially. Plastic Logic of the UK raised $100 million to build the world’s first factory making displays with printed organic transistor backplanes. It will

Fact or Fiction: Green Printing According to Mercer Color
April 2, 2007

Editor’s note: The following perspective was submitted as a Comment in response to the “Going Green Drives Sales” article that was published in the March, 2007 edition of Printing Impressions. The material was too long to be displayed as an Online Comment, so it is being posted in its entirety here. By Pat Berger, vice president and co-owner In recent years, there’s been quite a bit of hype about green printing and with that hype comes many questions. What exactly is green printing? Could it be done at my printing facility? Does planting trees, using wind and alternative power sources, recycled paper and product labels with

New Rules of Engagement —Morgan
April 1, 2007

FOR DECADES, the printing industry’s “Terms and Conditions for Sale” was a keystone in helping printing companies and their customers work together. Created by the major printer associations, the “Terms and Conditions for Sale” document sought to establish acceptable standards of doing business between printers and their customers. This document was created to establish “rules” to minimize the number of conflicts between printers and their customers, and diminish a printer’s financial liability when a job went awry. These standards were set up by parties that represent printers so, understandably, those terms and conditions were fashioned to primarily protect printers. Over the past several

House of Representatives Passes ‘Free Choice Act’
April 1, 2007

The so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” passed in the House of Representatives via a 241-185 vote. Three Republican-offered amendments were considered on the floor, but all three failed. As mentioned last month, the legislation would take away workers’ rights to a federally supervised secret ballot election, when deciding whether or not to join a union. The fear is this would leave workers open to strong-arm tactics during union organizing drives. The PIA issued a “key industry vote card” to every U.S. Representative in advance of the vote, sending the message that the industry would be watching the vote tally of what is considered to be the

First NPES Industry Summit Explores Optimistic View of Print’s Prospects
April 1, 2007

Sustained economic growth and smart adoption of technologies to create new value-added services have helped put the U.S. printing industry in its strongest position in many years, speakers concurred at the first NPES Industry Summit, held recently in Chicago. The Summit brought together for the first time the long-standing economic forecasting conference PRINT OUTLOOK®, plus the NPES Spring Board of Directors Meeting and a meeting of PRIMIR, the Print Industries Marketing Information and Research Organization. “These three gatherings gained an impact and value from being held together that greatly exceeded their separate importance, even though each event already enjoyed a high reputation for serving

There’s Gold in Them Hills
April 1, 2007

Tens of thousands of Americans took part in the California Gold Rush of 1849. At that time, everyone in our fledgling country could envision the seemingly limitless opportunities available in the great, untamed West. Fewer were actually willing to venture out into that wild territory to mine those hills, and fewer still were prepared with the knowledge, mindset and tools to overcome the challenges of doing so. While there was no doubt gold was in those hills — it was only the well-prepared and well-informed who ultimately struck it rich! For NPES members, today’s global business opportunities are not unlike the 1849 California