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With 194 percent year over year growth and a 90 Net Promoter Score, Butler Street has established itself as one of the leading consulting, training and research firms to the middle market. Before founding Butler Street, Mike Jacoutot spent the previous nine years as CEO of a national health care staffing company and most recently, a revenue cycle company. Jacoutot brings a strong combination of Lean Six Sigma process skills together with 34 years of sales and marketing experience. 

Jacoutot is also the author of “Become the Only Choice.” Now in its third printing, the book emphasizes a combination of consultative selling and process management techniques to enable salespeople to sell the way clients buy.

A four-time All-American collegiate wrestler, Jacoutot led The College of New Jersey wrestling team to two national championships. He culminated his senior year by winning the NCAA Division III Championship after three consecutive second place finishes. In March 2015, Jacoutot was inducted into the National Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame. In October 2013, he was also inducted into The College of New Jersey Athletic Hall of Fame along with his 1981 NCAA Division III Championship Team. He holds a B.A. in Management.

Frank Costantino is a Managing Partner at Butler Street, a leading management consulting, training and research firm that focuses on client and talent development. Prior to joining Butler Street, Costantino accumulated over three decades of successful sales and executive leadership experience. His passion for sales discipline and process has driven practical solutions for sales organization development, revenue and operating profit growth.

Costantino has been recognized with numerous sales and sales leadership awards. He has also received top honors from his peers and direct reporting teams in VOA rankings, and has also served on the Advisory Board of Target Account Selling. He holds a B. S. in Business Management from NYIT.

Let's not kid ourselves, we all clearly understand how the difference between a strong, valued relationship and a competitive relationship with our clients feels. However, what's often missing is the discipline to measure and monitor the quality of their relationships. Worse, there is no organizational strategy to take action in a way that continually advances the relationships.

Are you wondering how to improve forecast accuracy, predict future revenue and close more deals? In a recent survey, CSO Insights reports the following major barriers to a company’s ability to predict future revenue.

One common question that I'm asked is ... "how does new revenue growth result from achieving high NPS scores?" The fact is that Net Promoter leaders on average grew at more than twice the rate of their competitors.

At some point in the future, as a business owner, you might consider the sale of your company. You hire an investment banker and they do a deep dive on your business. He/she looks at the historical financials, new customer acquisition, retention and your ability to increase customer share. All of these things are yesterday’s news and while interesting, do very little to predict future revenue and EBITDA.

Profitable growth ... it's the oxygen of a company. Any organization looking for a silver bullet to grow their company should look no further than the Net Promoter Score Survey (NPS). NPS provides an economical and concise metric for assessing how loyal a company’s customers are. Effectively, managing that measurement is the key to future growth.

"A 5% increase in client retention can increase a company’s profitability by 25-95%." This may sound liked a bold statement, but let’s breakdown why committing to Net Promoter Surveys drive the client retention process.

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