Randolph W. Camp

Randolph W. Camp

In his role at New Direction Partners, Randy Camp is dedicated to bringing buyers and sellers together for profitable transactions that benefit both parties and strengthen the overall industry. He is the former CEO of a family-owned printing business and a past president of the Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia (PIAG), an affiliate of Printing Industries of America. Camp has volunteered extensively in the printing industry and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about its inner workings, as well as a large base of contacts. Contact him at (610) 230-0635, ext. 708, or at rcamp@newdirectionpartners.com.

For Sellers, There's No Time Like the Present

You may be at the peak of your career as a printing company owner and still years away from selling what you’ve created. Nevertheless, you need to prepare for that step while time is still on your side.

Live and Learn — Making the Right Decision in M&A

My personal involvement with M&As began when I was the president and CEO of a family business that originated as a newspaper publishing company in 1906. During my tenure, we sold our non-heatset web division and after that our sheetfed operation. Later, as president and CEO of the Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia, I worked with a number of our members who were considering M&A transactions of their own. This experience taught me two things...