Phil Riebel

Phil Riebel

Phil has over 28 years of international experience related to sustainability and the forest products industry. He currently leads Two Sides North America, a non-profit that promotes the unique sustainable features of print and paper, as well as their responsible production and use. Two Sides operates globally in five continents with members that span the entire graphic communication value chain. Phil has written extensively on sustainability and environmental topics related to the forest products sector. He received his Bachelor and Master’s of Science degrees from McGill University in Montreal. He is a private forest owner and sustainably manages over 200 acres of forestland for both recreational and economic benefits.

Paper and the Circular Economy

Paper has the potential to be an alternative to plastic. Here are some reasons why paper fits into the circular economy model.

A Look at Advertising Preferences: Online Versus Print

While we continue to be bombarded by advertising online, it is clear that print ads are most effective and deliver results. According to the latest Toluna consumer survey commissioned by Two Sides, “Print and Paper in a Digital World,” Americans are not very responsive to online advertising.

Reading Preferences of U.S. Consumers

The recent Toluna consumer survey, “Print and Paper in a Digital World,” commissioned by Two Sides, reveals some interesting consumer trends. The survey showed that 62% of U.S. consumers between the ages of 18 to 55+ preferred to read books in print versus electronic devices, including 63% of the youngest age group (18- to 24-year-olds).