Mary Garnett

Mary Garnett
Printers Monetizing Social Media

A new StrongMail study asked 925 marketers where they are spending their marketing dollars in 2011; 57 percent said they are increasing their social media spend. While the ROI on this investment is not entirely clear, that hasn't deterred businesses of all sizes from deep and increasing engagements.

Conference Headliners

TWO MASTERS of media will open sessions at the 2008 Offset and Beyond Conference. James Bradley, author of “Flags of Our Father,” and David Gregory, MSNBC chief White House correspondent, will deliver unforgettable messages. Each of the speakers was interviewed by PIA/GATF staff members in preparation for the keynotes. The following article highlights those conversations. James Bradley James Bradley will kick off the opening day with riveting, timeless themes of courage and overcoming obstacles. In a recent interview, Bradley indicated that his message will segue from the historical examples of supposedly insurmountable tasks where people said it could not be done, to everyday life


STEVE FORBES has been described as a media mogul, a Web-savvy ideologue, a simplified tax advocate, a publisher and, more relevant here, the keynote presenter at next month’s Web Offset Association (WOA) meeting in Orlando, FL. Not only does Steve Forbes know our business, he lives it. Forbes Inc. is an 88-year-old publishing company riding the cusp of the Internet and new media challenges. Having invested tens of millions into the Internet, the president and CEO of Forbes Inc. and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine continues to be very optimistic about the power of print. In addition to his intimate dealings with the printing industry