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Longtime Printing Industries Association of Southern California CEO Bob Lindgren reflects on industry changes that he's seen during the past 60 years, and how printers need to position themselves going forward. Some of his views might surprise you.

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  • Mike Sternfeld

    I have known Bob for a number of years, previously as an owner of a small commercial print shop. Bob is one outstanding individual, in knowledge, helpfulness, kindness, integrity, and personality. He has provided me in the breakfast meetings I attended in the San Fernando Valley as well as one-on-one meetings such insight and knowledge that I could not get anywhere else. He is what I would call a true “mensch”. I have been in this business only 50+ years, so Bob, you have a few up on me. I too started in letterpress and have progressed to offset and now digital. I certainly know from where he comes from. Bob, I personally wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and may you continue your wonderful advisement to our industry.

  • Hal Hinderliter

    Bob is among the greatest assets that our industry possesses, and a major reason why PIASC is such a wonderful organization. I agree with everything that he shared with Mark, especially the need for printers to remain curious. Bob, I hope you still plan on going to a few of the trade shows, because it would be great to chat with you again. Best of luck in your new role!

  • Maynard H. Benjamin

    Right on the money