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  • The “New” Variable Data Print: Tools Driving Higher Demand for VDP than Ever Before
    The “New” Variable Data Print

    Oct 25, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. (ET)/11:00 a.m. (PT)

    Sponsored By: Canon Solutions America

    Speakers: Erica Switzer, VP of Partner Acquisitions, DirectMail2.0; Randy Hardy, North American Representative, locr GmbH

    Variable Data Printing (VDP) is by no means a “new” technology, but there are exciting new technologies and tools that are making it look new all over again. Clients are taking advantage of its benefits with more frequency due to advancements that have driven results to a whole new level. This webinar will demonstrate how embracing VDP and readily available online tools in new and different ways can take the advantages of VDP to new heights.

  • Design Thinking: A New Way to Optimize the Customer Experience

    Design thinking suggests that organizations that are infused by a design-driven culture enable a change to put customers first. To accomplish this, everything that a business does must place the end-user or customer first and foremost. During this webinar you will learn the fundamentals of a design thinking you can apply today and tomorrow.

  • In-Plants: Delivering Strategic Value

    The value of an in-house printing operation is tied to its ability to meet internal clients’ needs. In today’s ever-changing document environment, this is not an easy task. This webinar will explore how in-plants are responding to changing market dynamics, including the predominance of color, the need for quick turnarounds and short runs, the desire for more personalized and targeted documents, electronic delivery of information, archival & reuse of content, and the management of multifunctional printers and copiers.

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