Where Do NFC Tags Fit in Making Print Interactive

Sponsored by: Canon Solutions America
Speakers: Matthew Bright, Chair, NFC Forum Special Interest Group/Director, Technical Marketing, Kovio Inc.; Jill Krueger, IT Director, Corporate Graphics International; Nate Mullikin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Corporate Graphics International

As the number of mobile devices with NFC (near field communication) technology continues to grow, the use of NFC tags in printed marketing campaigns is emerging as a tactic for driving sales, raising brand awareness, and strengthening the value of print in the cross-media world.

NFC is an emerging wireless technology that enables mobile devices to receive radio transmissions from an NFC tag. If a consumer holds their NFC-enabled phone next to printed materials that include an NFC tag, for example a printed ad in a transit shelter or a point of purchase display, additional content will appear instantly on their mobile device. NFC-enabled print offers marketers and print service providers a the ability to enhance the value and power of printed communications in the cross-media mix.

In this webinar you will hear from experts about:

  • The role of NFC Tags in the cross-media mix
  • How to implement an NFC campaign
  • Examples of campaigns where NFC tags combined with print have been effectively deployed

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