Moving from Offset to Digital: Strategies for Success

Sponsored by: Konica Minolta
Speakers: Mike Ford, Supervisor/Manager, Printing Department, Kilgore College

For the past two decades, digital printing devices have been evolving with the new media world, enabling organizations to produce relevant and customized-to-the-recipient print communications in the exact quantities required. This improves results while cutting costs by eliminating waste and obsolescence-features that offset printing can’t match.

Marketing executives are forced to deliver ROI on campaigns, and this involves driving revenue and response rates while also cutting costs. Digital printing offers benefits on both sides of the ROI calculation. The future of the printing industry is inextricably linked to the success of digital color.

In this Webinar, industry experts and your peers will provide insight on:
-Digital printing technology trends
-The types of print jobs that are moving from offset to digital color
-How to manage workflow changes and tips for implementation
-Successful selling strategies for digital printing

Sponsored by Konica Minolta

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