Selling Digital and VDP Starts With a Prospecting Plan

Sponsored by: Océ - a Canon Company
Speakers: Bill Farquharson, President, Aspire For, Inc.; Kelly Mallozzi, President, Success.In.Print

Having the best Digital/VDP equipment in the market means nothing if your reps can’t sell to it. Increasing Digital/VDP sales requires a fundamental approach, one that combines diligence, call quality, creativity, and differentiation. This webinar helps you to create a plan that gets you in the door.

You will learn:

  • The 4 biggest components to an effective digital/VDP prospecting plan
  • The best first impression: Email? Voice Mail? Drop by?
  • Why sending digital/VDP samples is a bad, bad idea
  • How often to call/When to give up
  • 3 reasons why a digital/VDP customer will choose you (Hint: it ain’t price!)

This is the third webinar in a series of four, designed specifically for printers with digital printing capabilities looking to offer or already selling digital print solutions, who want to nurture a profitable, and loyal, customer base. Each webinar focuses on a different aspect of this unique business growth opportunity.

Sponsored by: Océ – a Canon Company

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