Seize the Wide-format Advantage

Sponsored by: Canon Solutions America
Speakers: Steven Strooh, Vice-President, Beeline and Blue and Mike Moran, Owner, Alphagraphics Chicago

If your printing operation has not yet discovered the benefits of wide-format printing, you’re missing a significant opportunity.

A growing demand for large graphics has made wide-format printing one of the fastest-growing services and revenue streams for printers. By not offering this service, you risk losing customers to another one-stop graphics provider. If you’re still relying on wide-format equipment from a few years ago, the technologies have evolved, opening up opportunities for savvy printers to expand their businesses, cut costs and add profits.

In just 60 minutes, Bob Neubauer – Editor in Chief of In-plant Graphics – and a panel of industry veterans will cover it all:
– The various wide-format technologies available today, along with different applications you can produce with them
– Ideas for innovative new products that will help you generate revenue and diversify your business
-The types of clients buying wide-format graphics, what they buy and why
– How they decided which technology was the right fit for their business, and tips to help you make the best choice for your operation

Sponsored by Canon Solutions America

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