Sales Compensation Strategies – How To Design a Compensation & Commission Plan that Motivates Your Sales People to Sell More at Higher Margins

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Speakers: Nick Devine, Founder & Publisher,

Creating a commission structure that motivates salespeople is not easy. If you don’t pay enough you run the risk of them leaving… with their accounts. Pay them too much and they stay… but don’t sell enough.

You need a compensation plan that motivates your team to sell more and do it at higher profit margins.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this free webinar…
* The 4 core activities that drive outstanding sales performance. Sales people must spend the majority of their time on these activities if they want to hit – or exceed – target. Your compensation plan must make that clear.
* The most important thing you must do… BEFORE you create a compensation package. It’s called ‘Sales Job Design’ and only a very few companies do it
* The correct way to configure sales territories. There are 5 main options you can select from.
* The correct way to allocate quotas for the year. You’ll also learn how to set targets so that 30% of the team underperform. Sound weird? Tune in to find out why it makes sense.
* Why you should have a maximum of 3 measures that you use to calculate commissions. You’ll also discover how to split the percentage of commissions across each measure.
* Why you must have a threshold before you start paying commission and why you must avoid having caps… they are a killer for high performing salespeople.
* How to use hurdles and multipliers to drive sales performance through the roof. A nifty trick that works like a dream.
* And a whole lot more…

Attend this webinar for the opportunity to get the complete set of tools that you need to implement everything! There is nothing for you to figure out. You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions… and you’ll have a powerful commission plan in place in no time.

Click here to view this free webinar today!

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  • http://AndreaBurton Andrea Burton

    just watched the webinar. Great job folks, I learned quite a bit, i’ll be sure to forward this link along, thank so much :)

    Andrea B.
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  • Janet Williams

    I like the sounds of this webinar, thanks for sharing!

    Compensation Sales