PowerUp Profit with the Right Marketing Plan

Sponsored by: Konica Minolta
Speakers: Rich Mottram, President and CEO, Direct Advertising Response, Inc.; Craig Chumney, VP Sales and Chief Geek, Franklin-Press

To refocus your business on expansion into the more profitable world of marketing services, you don’t need elaborate charts or high-priced consultants, but you do need a plan. A marketing plan provides a roadmap that can drive action. A marketing plan can help you: Identify which customers are your best prospects, evaluate company data against your industry or market, and track results to help you learn what works.

Without a plan, you may be moving fast, but you may not be moving in the right direction. This webinar will focus on the critical aspects and practical examples associated with building a marketing plan including target market selection, market positioning, the right products and services, pricing, distribution channel alternatives and promoting your business. You will learn the essential steps to powering up for profit with an effective marketing plan.

This webinar will discuss the latest market trends in the digital printing industry and highlight critical success factors for growing print volume and revenue with digital print.

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