PowerUp Profit with Customized Communications

Sponsored by: Konica Minolta
Speakers: Ronnie Selinger, CEO/President, Nordis Direct

Customized communications offer a world of opportunity for service providers to provide new value-added capabilities to meet the needs of the marketing professional.

With a customized communications portfolio you can:

  • deliver measurable results and ROI to clients
  • remain competitive by offering new value-added services
  • generate new sources of revenue from value-added services
  • take advantage of production efficiencies, “lights out” operation, and expanded market share opportunities through Web-enabled automated workflows
  • offer new services to drive volume to their devices

In this webinar, InfoTrends will define the various market segments, explore the business opportunities, provide real-world examples and success stories, as well as present a ‘how-to’ approach for selling customized communications solutions.

Sponsored by: Konica Minolta

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