Print MIS – Managing Your Business and Increasing Efficiency

Sponsored by: Xerox
Speakers: Joe Farage, Owner/CEO, Buffalo Printing and Dave Zamorski, COO, Associates International

Management information systems (MIS) are the keystone of a successful printing operation. Senior management relies on these programs to evaluate overall company performance while production employees use the systems to communicate job data from virtually all departments, as well as to customers.

In this webinar, service providers will share:
* Critical requirements for successful implementation of MIS solutions
* How to enable unprecedented process automation – not only for internal manufacturing, but for external efforts (including Web-to-print) using JDF connectivity
* The benefits of MIS implementation: single entry, centralized data management, consistency, reduction in the number of errors, and transparent planning
* Recommendations for peers based on their own implementation experiences

Sponsored by Xerox

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