It’s NOT the Lowest Price! It’s Value Delivered that Drives Business

Sponsored by: HP

Many graphic communications service providers feel the need to improve their “competitiveness” in an economic downturn by dropping their prices. While print sales may decline in a recession, lowering prices only results in a lower contribution margin and ultimately, a loss of profitability. Savvy graphic communications service providers are exploring business strategies that add value for customers and improve their bottom line.

This webinar – part three in the three-part “Thrive! In 2009” webinar series – will provide an up-close and detailed look at some pricing strategies that address risk adversity, proof of concept, and value. It is based on InfoTrends’ survey of more than 160 print service providers. Barb will then moderate a panel discussion with three print service providers about how they maximize margins by focusing on value delivered.

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