How To Price Fulfillment Programs

Sponsored by: interlinkONE

One of the obstacles confounding printers entering the fulfillment industry is how to price for the services. Many printers have entered the fulfillment business to satisfy client requests, only to find that after several years of operation – they are losing money. In this webinar, find out how to bring greater than 10% net profit to the bottom line.

Tom Quinn will discuss his pricing methodology and what pricing parameters need to be established for different types of fulfillment applications. Two of the most popular fulfillment applications: Sales Collateral Fulfillment and Lead Inquiry Fulfillment will be discussed, along with the pricing parameters for each of these applications.

The objective of this session is to help webinar attendees gain an understanding of:

· How to establish labor rates for the fulfillment industry
· When to use time studies to establish billing parameters
· What are the fulfillment profit silos and why they are useful to management
· The use of workflow diagrams in establishing pricing
· A minimum set of billing parameters

Join Mr. Quinn as he unravels the mystery of fulfillment program pricing and give you the tools to achieve greater that 10% net profits in your fulfillment operation.

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