Who’s Making Money at Digital/VDP…and How?

Sponsored by: Océ - a Canon Company
Speakers: Bill Farquharson, President, Aspire For, Inc. and Kelly Mallozzi, President, Success.In.Print

Every Digital/VDP challenge you are experiencing has been conquered by someone else. This webinar shows you what the best of the best are doing. Save time by learning the right formula for building your Digital/VDP business.

You will learn:
-How to successfully market your digital/VDP services;
-Why the successful succeed and why the failures fail;
-Who is your digital/VDP customer and who isn’t;’
-Why your sales force hate selling digital/VDP, and;
-How to motivate them to want to!

This is the last webinar in a series of four, designed specifically for any printers with digital printing capabilities looking to offer or already selling digital print solutions, who want to nurture a profitable, and loyal, customer base. Each webinar focuses on a different aspect of this unique business growth opportunity. Check out the first three in the series now on-demand!

Sponsored by: Océ – a Canon Company

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